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Minecraft Windows 10 Edition [License key]


The activation key of the game Minecraft Windows 10 Edition works exclusively for Windows 10 !!! Do not buy this product if you have another operating system installed and your PC does not meet the minimum requirements of the game.Since the attempts of fraud on the part of buyers become more frequent, it is highly recommended to record video from the moment of purchase to entering the activation key of the game. Without video evidence, the claims are not accepted. Game description:Build a variety of structures: from havens in haste to grandiose castles! Create and explore your own world, limited only by the limits of your imagination, but do not forget before the night comes to build a shelter to protect against monsters. Find materials and make tools, supplies, food and weapons that will help you survive. The latest version of the game includes the Lower World and all its inhabitants, improved weather effects, the possibility of cross-platform games through the Windows operating system, an updated management system and much more. Key activation instructions:1. Upgrade your system to Windows 10 and install the latest updates. 2. Create your Windows Store account (if you do not). 3. Click the link sign in to your Windows Store account and enter the received activation code for the game after purchase.

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After payment you will automatically be given a key to activate the game.

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