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Just Cause 4 Gold [Steam offline] Region Free


🔥Instant issuance of goods immediately after purchase!🔥 You no longer need to wait for the administrator's response and provide remote access using TeamViewer tools for offline activation of the game.Languages: Russian , English , French , Italian , German , Spanish , Arabic, br. Portuguese, Korean, Chinese (ex.), Chinese (Trad.), Polish, Japanese. After buying the activation, you get a separate offline Steam client with the game. Minuses: - Any network functions of the game in this mode are not available. - You can not update the game yourself. — Activation flies when you reinstall / update Windows, replace the game files, remove the game, change the computer hardware. Pros: - The cost of the game is about 10 times lower than in the official Steam store. - The account is not when not banned, tk. you will play from under our account. Before ordering an Offline Activation, verify that the minimum requirements of your computer match the game you are interested in. If your computer does not meet the minimum requirements of the game, then we are not responsible for the goods you purchase. Minimum system requirements:ОС: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 @ 3.1 GHz | AMD FX-6300 @ 3.5 GHz or better RAM: 8 GB Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (2GB VRAM or better) | AMD R9 270 (2GB VRAM or better) HDD: 59 GB Instructions for activating the game:1) disable Windows updates (if you have Windows 10, disable updates using the program 2) install the Steam client (If you already have Steam installed, you need to install another Steam in a separate folder). 3) copy JC4_offline.exe, OfflinePatch.exe and config files folder in the root of the folder Steam (link to them will be given after purchase). 4) we pay for the goods. 5) download the DG_SteamActivator.exe and run it. Enter the activation code you received after purchase. 6) Run the JC4_offline.exe from the root of your Steam directory. 7) enter your steam account password. 8) Steam is asking code, for its transfer, go to DG_SteamActivator.exe application and click on the" Get Steam Guard code". 9) sign in to your Steam account 10) after logging into your account, Select the game Just Cause 4 and click install. The game will start downloading directly from your account. Wait for the download to complete. 11) after the download is complete, start the game, after closing the main menu, immediately close it. Check and change the settings of the game following the instruction. Attention!!! It is forbidden to be in the game online for more than 3 minutes. 13) Start OfflinePatch.exe (after starting Steam should automatically close and go offline). 14) Run the JC4_offline.exe cutable. Make sure that you have switched to offline If Steam started in offline, so we did the right thing. 15) the Activation is complete. All subsequent launches of the game strictly through the file JC4_offline.exe. For convenience, you can make a shortcut on the desktop. 16) if you like our services for self-activation leave a review about our work.P.S. Activation flies when you change / update Windows, as well as when switching to online mode. Changing any of the PC components leads to activation. In case of problems, write to the administrator of the trading platform.

Additional information

- Account for use only in offline mode. - Account data transfer is prohibited. - Any change to your account information is strictly prohibited. - One activation is 1PC. - You need to activate the game within 24 hours from the date of purchase. Any failure to comply with these conditions will result in denial of service without a refund of funds for the purchase.

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19.12.2018 16:40 work perfect 09.12.2018 10:05 Всё на высшем уровне. Поддержка такого уровня, что превосходит официальную любого игрового продукта. Вкратце почему надо брать именно тут: 1.Самоактивация заняла считанные минуты, без каких-либо танцев с бубном - плюс. 2.Самая низкая цена на просторах данного сайта. 3. И конечно же репутация. Это обусловлено не только высоким рейтингом продавца, но и личным опытом. Т.к. с момента покупки первой активации игры(Forza motorsport 7) у этого человека(компании) прошло уже больше полугода. А игра всё продолжает радовать. 08.12.2018 16:44 A+++ seller, never had a bad product. 04.12.2018 23:15 5* 04.12.2018 6:06 worked fine thanks