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05.10.2016 20:09 The offline activation works, it is 4 days i´m playing the game bought. I have been contacted by mail, you have to install teamviewer and uplay before begin. Obviously you have to download the game too. With teamviewer they connect to your pc and configure uplay client with their account with the active game, setting the client offline. The only problem is that if you lose their account´s information due to a format, an unistall or data loss, you lose all (game and game data). I think this is the reason for the low price, and I think it is a good compromise. I´m going to buy another activation for my friend. Good seller. 05.10.2016 17:08 Perfect for now, thank you, will order again soon from you :) 05.10.2016 8:15 Awesome Purchase. No issues at all. Once the payment is done got the account instantly. Working like a Charm. Will buy more :D 04.10.2016 23:22 Спасибо роутер работает 04.10.2016 23:19 Спасибо Micromax Bolt D303 работает 04.10.2016 17:26 Все хорошо,получаю удовольствие от игры! 04.10.2016 16:01 Все ОК, спасибо все работает {МОЛОДЦЫ} 04.10.2016 12:15 I had the game fast, no problem/ complain. The only things i´ll change is the fact that you can´t buy an account for steam games but overall nice seller. 04.10.2016 11:34 Отлично! Все работает на ура!!! 04.10.2016 1:02 Все работает. Большое спасибо продавцу!